'CrUSh - (no) cube left behind' is a game jam game developed during the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam 2021 for the theme 'Joined Together'.

You play a pack of connected ice cubes that have to split up and rejoin each other on their way to the ice crusher. Control each cube individually while they're apart, or all of them together once they connect. 

Can you serve all customers at the Tiki-Bar a refreshing slushy? Will you fulfill the cubes' dream of becoming one, and will that dream make them truly happy? This game won't tell you , it's just a jam. Use your imagination.

Known bugs:

  • Cubes don't spawn in the second level in some rare cases. As a temporary fix, you can restart the game or reload the page (your progress will be saved).

Credits go to the icy moons and fresh monitors at Moonlit Monitors:

Aeneaes: Project Management, Marketing
Bennet: UI Designer, UI Coder
Lupo: Pixel Artist, UI Graphics
Mao: Game Designer, Gameplay Coder
Ninprof: Game System Coder
Soramaja: Concept Designer
WingBreaker: Sound Designer, Composer


crush-windows-x64.zip 26 MB


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mega cooles spiel

Just to be clear, the controls are:
WASD for movement
spacebar for splitting or freezing together
Q,E for changing which ice cube you're moving with

Transitions could be faster, mouse over selection doesn't seem to be shown, couldn't do second level because no cubes spawn. Apart from that, interesting idea