A downloadable game for Windows

Solar Eclipse is an action platformer created for the Ludum Dare Game Jam #53, inspired by Asian mountain forests, and the prequel to a solarpunk game we want to work on one day.

Play Tempest on the way to their final mission: blowing out the sun!

Estimated playtime: 5-10 minutes


Move - Arrow Keys/WASD/D-Pad

Jump - C/Space/Xbox Controller A

Attack - X/E/Q/F/Shift/Xbox Controller X

Mao - Idea, Game Design, Level Design, Pixel Art, Gameplay Programming

Soramajo - Idea, Concept Art, Narrative Design

Luxiffre - Idea, Systems Programming, Soundtrack, SFX


SolarEclipse_win.zip 46 MB

Install instructions

To play the game, extract the content of the downloadable zip file and run the executable file (.exe). The second file needs to be in the same directory as the executable for it to work.

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